EPOS Systems for Takeaways with Online Ordering

HBM EPOS is a leading local supplier for takeaway restaurant EPOS systems. Operating throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, HBM EPOS works with takeaway restaurants of all types to provide tailored takeaway EPOS systems with optional online ordering systems.

At HBM we understand the takeaway industry and the set of unique requirements it has. Our selection of tailored takeaway EPOS systems are perfect for all types of UK takeaways, allowing your customers to place orders online on their PC or smart phone. You can even send your customer’s updates by SMS or email and allow them to track their order on screen right through to delivery! 

Enable Online Ordering

  • Your own fully branded website
  • A fast and efficient website
  • Intuitive and clean layout
  • Easy step by step ordering process
  • Allow order customisation
  • Use any web enabled computer, tablet or smartphone

The complete Takaway EPOS system

  • Touch screen tills, cash drawers and receipt printers
  • Wireless or wired chip & pin machines
  • Fully customisable menus and screens
  • Hot keys and fully customisable menu design
  • Hierarchical screens and pop-up

Payment Processing

  • Chip & Pin – including mobile options
  • Interim and final bills
  • Splitting bills

Table Management & Tabs

  • System can handle post pay tables and tabs
  • Graphical table management system
  • Handheld devices for waiting staff
  • Table Reservations

Delivery Areas

  • Create Zones (not just radiuses)
  • Optional surcharges and min spend by zone
  • Exclude hard to reach areas, even inside a zone
  • Avoid uneconomical areas

Upsell Prompts & Offers

  • Both in store and online
  • Prompt for up-selling opportunities automatically
  • Quantity & size upgrade options
  • Online promotions and deals
  • Buy 1 get 1 free and meal deal options

Cost Effective & You Control Everything

  • No Per Transaction Costs eating into your revenue
  • No hidden costs to discover at a later date. 
  • Simple, fixed pricing model with no forced promotions
  • You control your own deals, offers and website

Improve Customer Experience

  • Reduce Queuing times
  • Free up staff to prepare orders & assist customers
  • Keep your customers informed with SMS & email notifications
  • Customers can watch the order progress online, from order to delivery

So Easy to Use

  • One of the fastest, most reliable till systems in the UK
  • Reliability and intuitive interface
  • Train new staff in minutes

Seamless Integration

  • One system for online and in store orders
  • Online orders are clearly identified
  • Store customer contact information
  • Flag if payment has been received
    (or cash on delivery)

Assist Staff – including translation!

  • Print delivery tickets including customer name and address
  • Customers & staff can add directions for delivery drivers
  • Translate kitchen tickets into alternative languages, to aid kitchen staff preparing meals


Customer Management

  • Recognise incoming customer calls automatically
  • Recall regular customer details
  • Configure new customers in seconds
  • Tracked order from order to deliver
  • Quick re-orders from previous visits
  • Filter out false callers with postcode lookup to verify the
    full address provided

Kitchen & Drink Dispenser Options

  • Send order to printers or screens in kitchen or drink dispenser area
  • Avoid misheard orders or mistakes with hand-written orders
  • Alerts when new orders are received


Prompt & Track Staff

  • Staff keys or fingerprint readers for login
  • Prompt for specifics relating to order (e.g. white or brown bread)


Reporting System

  • Full advanced reporting system
  • Customise and create bespoke
  • Remote offsite access via internet
    connected devices


Linked to Stock Control

  • Link to stock in real time, to prevent orders for anything out of stock
  • Flags for re-ordering when stock is low


And so much more!

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