EPOS Systems & Tills for Restaurants & Bistros

HBM EPOS is a leading regional supplier of Restaurant EPOS systems to restaurants, gastro pubs and bistros . At HBM EPOS, we have worked with restaurants and bistros for many years. We understand the industry and the unique requirements it has. Our selection of tailored restaurant EPOS systems are perfect for all types of restaurant's.

Prompt & Track Staff

  • Staff keys or fingerprint readers for login
  • Prompt for upsell
  • Prompt for specifics relating to order (e.g. how to cook)
  • Clerk Interrupt – Multiple staff simultaneously use same till 
  • Park orders until later
  • Staff Time Keeping – track start and end times, plus breaks

The complete Restaurant EPOS system

  • Touch screen tills, cash drawers and receipt printers
  • Wireless or wired chip & pin machines
  • Fully customisable menus and screens
  • Hot keys and fully customisable menu design
  • Hierarchical screens and pop-up windows 

Payment Processing

  • Chip & Pin – including mobile options
  • Interim and final bills
  • Splitting bills

Table Management & Tabs

  • System can handle post pay tables and tabs
  • Graphical table management system
  • Handheld devices for waiting staff
  • Table Reservations

Kitchen & Drink Dispenser Options

  • Send order to printers or screens in kitchen or drink dispenser area
  • Avoid misheard orders or mistakes with hand-written orders
  • Alerts when new orders are received

Developed Specifically for Food and Drink

  • Handles alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and hot drinks, different sizes & measures, including splashes and dashes!
  • Snacks and/or full restaurant food
  • Ready-made food or food cooked to order
  • Pop-up menus for condiments, toppings,
    options and cooking instructions

Members Clubs & Discounts

  • System can handle member club discount structures, with multiple price levels.
  • Meal Deals
  • Offers and Mix & Matches
  • Happy Hours

Linked to Stock Control

  • Link to stock in real time, to prevent orders for anything out of stock
  • Flags for re-ordering when stock is low

“From the day we contacted HBM EPOS I’ve always felt that they’ve provided honest advice. The system we have has been extremely reliable and on the odd occasion we’ve needed them they have never let us down...”
— Pat Foster - Satay Bar & Restaurant

And so much more!

Reporting System

  • Full advanced reporting system
  • Customise and create bespoke reports
  • Remote offsite access via internet
    connected devices

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